Fox wants you for Smash

Super Smash Bros.
Here's a new artwork that i made for a regional organization called Smash Rogaland. It's for a game that play called Super Smash Bros. Melee. It's a competetive fighting game of "king of the hill", where the goal is to hit your opponent off-stage 4 times. Despite being a 15 year old game it's still really popular, in fact it's been growing exponentially just these last few years. During this growth the character Fox has become somewhat of a notorious frontfigure for this scene. Since he's the best character in the game and is played the most. He's the epitomization of what this game is about all about: Speed, depth and big plays. Hence why i decided to illustrate only him for this poster.

Poster for Smash Rogaland

The poster itself is a parody on the Uncle Sam poster from 1917. Uncle Sam is a famous icon for being a manifistation of american patriotism. So i made a parody based on Smash in order to recruit new players to our community.

By the way, but if you're interested in the game i highly recommend watching the "The Smash Brothers" documentary. It's just really good.

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