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Fictionial Project
So here's a new thing that i've been working on.
This is a poster for a fictional rock festival, set in autumn somewhere in who knows where. With genres like rock, punk, surfrock, post-hardcore and noise. Basicly some of my favourite contemporary genres and artists. I sorta doubt that this kind of festival would be any successfull in Norway though since our "taste" in music is incredibly boring and conservative. We aren't exactly known for pushing boundaries and innovating music here, compared to the americans at least. So while these artists are pretty big in the US, they probably wouldn't do so well here in Norway.

Since this is rock festival set in autumn, i decided that i needed to find and combine a nice mix of elements. First i needed a great name. I picked "Løvebrøl" (Lionroar in english) because it's combination of certain keywords. The first being being "løv" which is a fallen leaf, which fits in with the autumn aspect. Add an "e" and you get "løve" which is a lion in norwegian, i just figured a lion is a great mascot to work with. The next part is "brøl" which means roar, an aspect that fits the music theme of rock/punk. The last keyword in is of course "øl" which means beer, a pretty central aspect for every festival.

The Art
For the art i wanted something really striking and colorfull. I set on using an "autumn" based color scheme. Which fits the bill with the maple leaves and lion. For the most part i used a very painterly approach, applying brush strokes very directly (as opposed to layering), using the hidden power of grey to blend in as many different hues as i possibly could. Since the lion felt a bit generic by itself i added the hair braids and the lollipop to give the it more personality.

A festival wouldn't be complete without a fanzine. So i started working on a couple of cutesy spot illustrations to accompany topics like drinking, dressing for the weather, how to stay warm, entertainment and music.
Lion doing cute lion things.

These are still just sketches though, i don't really intend on completing them because completing my portfolio has a higher priority at the moment.

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