Business Card

I made this a while ago, but i figured it was worth posting because of my experience with a print business. Because i was quite happy with how my design turned out, but when i got it printed the colors looked dead.

I contacted Kopi Anstalten because they were the cheapest. However when i asked them about file and color formats they didn't seem to have a clue. I asked if it was okay that my file had "Prophoto" colors, which if you don't know have the greatest color space. Underneath is an example that illustrates the obvious benefit of using this color setting. The problem with this format though is that it doesn't always convert properly unless you know your way around it, which is obviously what happend during the printing process.

sRGB is the default format internet images, Adobe is used in a lot of cameras. While Prophoto is more rare.

The photo is a bit crap, but as you can see the colors are pretty dead (even though i highlighted this image..). So i guess moral of the story, be more sceptical about who you turn to for print services. Check if the understand the different color settings and file formats, because it should be given knowledge within that particular industry.

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