I did some studies a while back because i felt that i needed some practise with specific subjects. Here are some of the more "finished" studies. One of the things that i tried to practise was abstracting, color guessing and finding the appropriate brushes.

Knight Armor
On this study i learned a lot about how armor tends to reflects it's surroundings.  While the study is pretty accurate to the original. I also learned that i need to practise making clean design, because the brush work is an absolute mess.

Charlotte Gainsburg
I picked Charlotte Gainsburg as a subject because i like her look and her studio photographies are pretty neat. I tried a bunch of different brushes for this study to experiment with. It's not accurate to the original and i did have to fill in some gaps myself. As the reference photo only filled what is shown within this white frame of this picture.

Lady Agnew of Lochnaw
This is a study based on the picture of Lady Agnew by John Singer Sargent. He's a pretty popular artist when it comes to studies, a lot of Disney artists usually do studies from him. His paintings usually have a very simple background and more detail in areas of importance such as the face. Creating a visual hierarchy that leads the viewer around the painting in an expert way. What's really amazing about this painting though is how effortlessly painted it looks, as if John Singer only pulled a handfull of strokes to complete it. Not to mention how he handled the dress transparency.

 I learned a lot of things from this study, one of the really net tidbits that i learned from color guessing/checking is that the dress is actually red, not blue, but it appears that way because of color temperature. I never finished this study though as it was pretty boring and i felt like i was learning less and less as time went on.

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